NotPetya tops list of worst ransomware attacks

NotPetya, WannaCry and other ransomware have caused unprecedented damage to businesses, infrastructure and users, say threat researchers

NotPetya tops the list of “nastiest” ransomware attacks in the past year, according to threat researchers at security firm Webroot.

NotPetya was the most destructive ransomware of 2017, followed closely by WannaCry and Locky, according to data collected from the Webroot BrightCloud threat intelligence platform, including all devices running Windows operating systems that were infected with ransomware in the past year.

The researchers said NotPetya was ranked highest because it was engineered to do damage to a country’s infrastructure.

The NotPetya malware used EternalBlue, the same exploit WannaCry used a month earlier. But unlike most ransomware, NotPetya’s main purpose was to cause disruption.

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