Cyber security professionals urged to embrace AI and automation

IBM security intelligence head says professionals should embrace artificial intelligence and automation to ensure they do not become obsolete.

Cyber security professionals should be preparing for the world of automation, according to Nick Coleman, global head, cyber security intelligence at IBM.

“If you continue doing what you have always done without embracing automation, you will be obsolete in three to four years,” he told the IsacaCSX Europe 2017 conference in London.

The cyber security skills shortage and the nature of threats are the two main reasons for identifying how many security functions can be automated, said Coleman.

“The threats are becoming so serious that we need to embed artificial intelligence [AI] and automation into security processes so that we can be more intelligent and efficient in our response,” he said.

According to Coleman, the real objective of cyber security is to ensure business resilience, and the only way to do that is to become more efficient.

Part of the information security professional’s role, he said, is to translate resilience into capabilities across the key cyber security areas of assessing threats, protecting against them, detecting intrusions, responding to incidents, and recovering.

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