Cyber Security=Brand Protection

Cybercrime is a global and systemic problem, which is growing exponentially year on year. High-profile attacks can be committed with less sophistication, because of services for hire readily available on criminal forums.

This has resulted in making the methodology and attack vectors mainstream. The impact of new types of crime, as well as the commission of traditional crime types by means of cybercrime, are more far reaching that ever before; criminal activity is not restricted by geographical limitations or national boundaries. The recent global spread and impact of Wannacry and Petya malware, for instance, appropriately demonstrate this reality.

Criminal activity must be investigated; criminal networks and infrastructure must be disrupted and dismantled; and, where possible, adversaries brought to justice and their criminal proceeds/assets seized. Prosecution and sentencing play critical roles.

This presentation will address some of the key challenges and opportunities moving forward, including:

  • What cybersecurity education and structures are being put in place within and without our organisations to prevent cybercrime?
  • How can we balance this with the need for brand protection?