Kaspersky Lab announces global transparency initiative

Faced with a US government ban and media reports alleging co-operation with Russian spies, Kaspersky Lab has announced a global transparency initiative

Information security firm Kaspersky Lab is to provide source code for third-party review, as part of the company’s newly-announced Global Transparency Initiative.

The move comes in the wake of a ban on the use of Kaspersky Lab’s software in US government systems and media reports that Russian hackers using the company’s antivirus software to search for classified US government documents.

The company said the initiative is part of its “commitment to protect customers from cyber threats, regardless of their origin or purpose” and that Kaspersky Lab will engage the broader information security community and other stakeholders in validating and verifying the trustworthiness of its products, internal processes, and business operations.

Kaspersky Lab said it will also introduce additional accountability mechanisms by which the company can further demonstrate that it addresses any security issues promptly and thoroughly.

“Because of the frenetic pace of both ICT [information and communication technology] deployment and the expansion of the threat landscape, Kaspersky Lab believes that increased co-operation to protect cyber space is more crucial than ever,” the company said in a statement.

“Trust is essential in cyber security, and therefore trust should be the foundation of any collaboration among those seeking to secure individuals, organisations and enterprises from cyber threats. However, Kaspersky Lab also recognises that trust is not a given; it must be repeatedly earned through an ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability.”

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