Security industry more open, integrated and collaborative

McAfee says shift in industry’s approach is evidenced by adoption of its Data Exchange Layer and new collaborations through McAfee Security Innovation Alliance

The information security industry is moving towards collaborative, open and integrated security, according to security firm McAfee.

A shift in the industry’s approach is evidenced by widescale adoption of its Data Exchange Layer (DXL), including interoperability with Cisco Systems, the company said.

This shift is further evidenced by new collaborations through technology partnering programme the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance, it added.

“We must empower security teams to stop spending their time on tedious integrations and manual tasks, and instead focus on defending against adversaries,” said Raja Patel, general manager corporate products at McAfee.

“Organisations should focus on maximising the value of their environment with solutions that integrate, as opposed to layering new technologies that don’t speak to each other. Collaboration like we are doing with Cisco, IBM Security and others throughout the security industry is critical to closing information gaps, breaking silos and providing the visibility we need to protect our most important assets from cyber criminals.”

Since its launch in 2016, the OpenDXL initiative has accelerated enterprise use of DXL, a messaging bus that allows different products inside a cyber security architecture to share threat intelligence with one another, said McAfee.

This means that if a piece of malware is captured on an endpoint, for example, the associated indicators of compromise (IoCs) can be published in an automated way to every node in the security architecture via the DXL, including security appliances such as firewalls.

McAfee said the OpenDXL initiative has shown increasing adoption through enterprises developing dozens of solutions completed via the software developer kit (SDK), published to the GitHub source code repository and, a dedicated open source web community.

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