How Are Increasing Cybersecurity Regulations Impacting Your Vendor Risk Management Strategy?

As data breaches continue to rise, businesses are more at risk than ever. These incidents have demonstrated that organizations are not just at risk through their own networks, but also through their third parties’. This is why it is imperative for businesses to create a vendor risk management (VRM) strategy to proactively mitigate the risks their third parties present.

Further, governments are enforcing stricter cybersecurity regulations with the intent of protecting both businesses and consumers. With the emergence of NIST and the impending enforcement of the GDPR in May 2018, it’s critical that organizations align their business — and their VRM strategy — with these regulations.

Join this webinar as BitSight’s Jacob Olcott discusses:

  • How to shape your VRM strategy around emerging regulations like NIST and GDPR.
  • The risk that third parties present to your organization, and how to more effectively mitigate that risk.
  • How BitSight’s continuous monitoring capabilities allow you to align your business with regulatory guidelines and better reduce risk.