Data Protection in the Changing Payments Landscape

With continued improvements in payments security through technologies such as P2PE and EMV, the PCI community has been effective at combating crime in a wide variety of financial institutions, retail environments and enterprises.

As the use of stolen data or fraudulent cards for card transactions becomes more difficult, criminals are shifting their focus to access customer payment transaction data anyway they can. To stay ahead of the bad guys, merchants and institutions need tools that are specifically designed to address the evolving challenges.

Join this webinar to hear more about proven ways to safeguard sensitive crypto process and protect payment transactions while eliminating the exposure to sensitive cardholder data.

  • Discover how current security technologies used in many of these channels are not enough, and why a data-centric approach is the right security strategy to protect payment data in your applications
  • Understand how end-to-end encryption and tokenization can help you mitigate against a data breach and enable PCI audit scope reduction
  • Why PCI Point-to-Point Encryption listed solutions provide optimal protection and reduction of PCI audit costs
  • Recognize the importance of an integrated payments offering for encryption and decryption of payment-card data, as well as for the storage and management of cryptographic keys