UK cyber defences among the best in Europe

The UK is among the European countries that are most prepared for cyber attack, but there is room for improvement by all, a report has revealed.

Topping the list of most prepared European Union (EU) nations is the Netherlands, with an overall cyber attack preparedness rating of 60%, according to a report by Website Builder Expert(WBE).

Following the Netherlands is Estonia (58%), France and Italy (57%) and the UK (56%). Conversely, the least prepared nations are Slovakia and Malta (34%), Greece (35%), Spain (38%) and Lithuania (40%).

The overall scores are an average of the cyber security commitment rating and pecentage of protected internet connections for each country.

Estonia has the highest commitment rating of 85%, compared with the UK’s 78%, while Italy has the highest percentage of protected internet connections (51%) compared with the UK’s (33%).

Although being rated at the most prepared, the Netherlands is second only to Romania in terms of its cyber crime “victimhood” rating of 21%, compared with Romania’s 23%. The Netherlands is followed by Portugal (20%), Poland (20%) and Italy (19%).

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