Security Operations Spending and ROI

ESG recently surveyed 412 cybersecurity and IT professionals asking a number of questions about their organization’s security analytics and operations. 

Overall, security operations are quite difficult, many organizations complain about too many manual processes, too many disconnected point tools, and a real shortage of the right skills.

These issues can lead to lengthy incident detection and response cycles or worse yet, damaging data breaches.  Just ask Equifax.

The data indicates that organizations know they have problems and are willing to address them.  For example, 33% say that their spending on security operations will increase significantly while another 49% indicate that their security operations spending will increase somewhat.

While security operations spending will increase however, it’s worth noting that 30% of cybersec pros say that their biggest security operations challenge is the total cost of ownership.  What does this mean?  CISOs are willingly spending millions of dollars on security operations but getting marginal security efficacy and poor operational efficiency.

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