People with non-IT backgrounds could help fill cyber security skills gap

Organisations should look to fill cyber security roles with people who are curious and have work experience rather than focusing solely on graduates.

Senior IT security professionals do not think a university degree is essential for a successful career in cyber security.

In fact, the survey of 200 senior IT security professionals in the UK, commissioned by MWR InfoSecurity, revealed that 46% consider curiosity a required core skill, while 34% cite on-the-job experience as key.

Half of the respondents said salary and culture were “very important” or “important” criteria for potential recruits when they chose an employer.

The survey revealed that 49% of respondents viewed the UK as a top five country in terms of cyber security, while 46% rated the UK as average.

Dave Chismon, senior researcher at MWR InfoSecurity, said the survey offered insight into what those in charge of security at organisations believe would address the skills gap.

“As well as widening their applicant pools, companies looking to recruit top cyber security talent would do well to consider the importance of company culture in attracting new security recruits,” he said.

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