BrandPost: The New Reality is Virtual for Security Operations Centers

Ergonomic chairs and healthy snacks used to help take the sting out of 9-to-5 work days, but employees expect more today – and organizations are keen to oblige.

In fact, a study by Deloitte University Press reveals nearly 80% of executives think the employee experience is very important (42%) or important (38%). Giving employees the chance to work with cutting-edge technology is one way to engage, challenge, and keep employees engaged.

Virtual Reality (VR) has moved from the realm of gamers and into different organizations to help differentiate the employee experience while also improving productivity and employee retention. VR benefits users by making them feel present within their work. It provides an immersive experience that establishes a closer, more intimate relationship between the user and information, enabling better, faster, and more informed decisions.

A growing list of organizations believe VR has a place is the future of work, and offer training and education programs using VR technology. UPS plans to use VR for driver safety training. Walmart Academy uses VR to train employees about store operations, and how to provide better customer service. Even surgical residents use VR to learn about organs by putting themselves inside virtual representations of hearts or lungs, and to perform delicate, cutting-edge brain surgery.

Security is equally ripe for the kinds of change VR can offer. It can provide differentiated, exciting experiences designed to make life in the SOC more enjoyable, analysts more productive, and talent easier to attract and to retain.

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