Petya cyber-attack still disrupting firms weeks later

Some businesses hit by malware in a cyber-attack that began on 27 June are still struggling to return operations to normal, the BBC has learned.

Nuance Communications, which provides transcription software for medical professionals, has slowly been bringing its products back online.

But one IT worker told the BBC that two US hospitals were still having issues.

A security researcher said the situation was “alarming” but praised the transparency of some companies.

The IT worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We have been waiting for [Nuance Communications’] iChart [product] since they were first hit with the ransomware and are still waiting for it to come back.

On Monday, logistics company FedEx said customers of its TNT Express arm were still experiencing “widespread” service and invoicing delays.

Port problems

Shipping giant Maersk was also affected by Petya.

Some port terminals managed by its subsidiary APM Terminals had to be shut down in the wake of the attack.

Maersk had restored all of its major systems and customer interfaces, a spokesman told the BBC.

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