Ukraine Power Supplier Hit by WannaCry Lookalike


In recent weeks, security researchers have counted four separate malware attacks targeting the country, including the Petya ransomware lookalike that many security researchers have been calling NotPetya.

Ukraine’s cyber police on Friday said they have received 1,500 requests for help since NotPetya emerged, of which more than 150 were from private businesses.

Ukrainian police are investigating reports that NotPetya was spread via an update to accounting services and business management software developed by Ukrainian software firm MeDoc. Authorities say the firm is cooperating with the investigation.

Some security experts believe that NotPetya may have been a smokescreen designed to mask other attacks or relay more malware. But there has not yet been any evidence that might conclusively prove or disprove that theory.

NotPetya, however, is not the only malware that has been targeting Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the same day that the NotPetya outbreak started, Ukrainian state power distributor Ukrenergo says that it was also infected by another WannaCry-like virus. Spokesman Vsevolod Kovalchuk said at a Friday news conference that no power networks had been disrupted as a result of the malware.

“The virus was slightly different, of a different nature, similar to WannaCry,” he said, Reutersreports. “The effect from it was insignificant, as some computers remained offline.”

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