Theresa May’s crackdown on the internet will let terror in the backdoor | Alex Lee

The prime minister is on a warpath to increase mass surveillance and decryption – which can only weaken data security and put the public more at risk

Let’s get one thing straight: Theresa May is strong and stable. She is firm and unwavering in her stance to deliver her fantasy of regulating the internet and making it her own political playground.

May introduced the Investigatory Powers Act, aptly nicknamed the snooper’s charter, during her time as home secretary, and her time as prime minister has not changed her attack-dog stance on internet surveillance. After the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London Bridge, May continued on her warpath to decrypt the internet and make our data security weak and wobbly. As May stood outside Downing Street in the aftermath of the Finsbury Park terrorist attack on Monday, the prime minister announced that she would establish a new commission for countering extremism and once again, reiterated giving police and security services the powers that they need.

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