Testing was key to Rio Olympics cyber security success

Two years of testing in the run up to the Rio 2016 Olympics were vital to ensuring cyber defences were effective, according to the chief information security officer for the games

Several rounds of intensive penetration testing, cyber war games and user awareness training were the key elements to ensuring cyber security at the Olympic Games, according to Bruno Moraes, former Rio 2016 chief information security officer (CISO).

“Incident response planning, network access control, critical infrastructure protection and integrated threat intelligence were also important,” he told the Palo Alto Networks Ignite ‘17 conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Security was particularly challenging due to the size of the infrastructure and the large number of staff, athletes and members of the press involved.

The IT infrastructure for the Rio Games included 850 servers in six datacentres, 15,000 computers in 144 venues, 100,000 network ports and 7,000 network access points, while there were more than 92,800 staff, more than 57,200 members of the press and more than 18,000 athletes all connecting to Wi-Fi.

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