SafeNet Assured Technologies develops USB authenticator for government networks

ABINGDON, MD June 15, 2017 SafeNet Assured Technologies, LLC, a U.S. based provider of government high assurance data security solutions, today announced the release of its latest high assurance certificate-based USB authenticator, sKey3250. sKey3250 is manufactured, sold, and supported in the U.S. exclusively by SafeNet Assured Technologies.

sKey3250 provides users with simplified access to sensitive networks and workstations through a single authentication device. It offers U.S. Federal agencies an alternative solution to traditional smart card authenticators. sKey3250’s USB form factor eliminates the need for smart card readers thus enabling the solution to be easily deployed on a wide variety of platforms.

With sKey3250, users can securely authenticate to multiple independent networks (i.e. domains), each requiring its own set of unique private keys, credentials, and certificates. The combination of the sKey3250 and SafeNet Assured Technologies’ High Assurance Client (SHAC) middleware enables secure separation of all keys and certificates per network so appropriate access levels and network policies are enforced.sKey3250 delivers on-board cryptographic processing including Suite B operations. It securely stores users’ credentials, such as digitally-signed certificates, private keys, and network login credentials while also seamlessly supporting secure key generation, secure key storage, encryption/decryption, and digital signature processing (sign and verify). sKey3250 is capable of performing all private and public key cryptographic functions directly on the device, thus eliminating potential threats resulting from private key exposure.“sKey3250 is designed to meet the highest security standards,” says Kirk Spring, President, SafeNet Assured Technologies. “It employs the same proven technology used in our Smart Card 650, currently used to access U.S. Department of Defense networks, in a USB form factor. sKey3250 enables U.S. Federal Government agencies to utilize the same high assurance authentication technology deployed in DoD networks for their own use,” says Spring.

To learn more about skey3250, visit http://www.safenetat.com/skey3250.