The Cyber Research DataBank – Trends in Cybersecurity M&A (2016 to 2017 Q1)

Cybersecurity has been the industry enjoying explosive growth for approximately a decade. The demand of robust and effective cybersecurity solutions for companies and government institutions is high. The need to securely access remote servers, collaborate with international coworkers and interact with customers round the clock is indispensable for most businesses today. This background provides favorable conditions for information security companies to thrive. The ecosystem of cybersecurity startups and established vendors is diversified, especially in developed economies. The cycle of starting a new business as well as its eventual acquisitions and mergers (M&A) is dynamic and fast. This study covers the period of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 in which notable M&A events might indicate the key developments of cybersecurity solutions. While many M&A events took place in this period, we have made a selective list of them to establish the sample base for this assessment. Through this analysis, this research attempts to demonstrate the whole picture of the cybersecurity industry as well as anticipate the trends, emerging technologies and solutions.

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Source: CyberDB