Islamic State supporters shun Tails and Tor encryption for Telegram

Confidential communications show terror group’s supporters are turning to simple mobile phone messaging apps to exchange messages and distribute propaganda

Supporters of the terrorist group Islamic State (Isis) are shunning sophisticated security and encryption software, including the Tails operating system and the Tor network, which could be used to cover their tracks when viewing terrorist propaganda online, communications between jihadi sympathisers have revealed.

The disclosures come as the UK government prepares to introduce new restrictions on encryption following the terrorist attacks that killed more than 20 people, including children, at a concert in Manchester, and killed eight and injured 47 at London Bridge.

Isis has claimed responsibility for the Manchester and London attacks and has also been linked to atrocities in Paris, Germany and Brussels.

Confidential messages show that Isis supporters had little interest in encryption techniques to hide their web browsing activities, or to create a secure version of propaganda websites that would be difficult for law enforcement to censor or take down.

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