DARPA exploring how to hunt for hackers on a global scale

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking tools that can coordinate cybersecurity across the large, distributed networks of the Department of Defense.

In a broad agency announcement released to FedBizOpps on May 31, 2017, the DARPA Information Innovation Office said that the agency could potentially award multiple procurement contracts if presented with appropriate proposals addressing the needs of the Cyber-Hunting at Scale (CHASE) project.

The goal of CHASE is to develop dynamic, data-driven cyber-hunting tools for real-time detection, characterization and protection across DoD enterprise networks, network storage and Internet exchange points. Human operators can’t effectively analyze the amount of data spread throughout DoD’s infrastructure, so CHASE algorithms would strategically process data indicating any vector of attack, shifting focus and protective responses based on the pressure point and type of infiltration.

The program has five technical areas — threat detection and characterization; informed data planning; global analysis; protective measure generation and dissemination; and infrastructure for evaluation exercises — with multiple awards available in the first four sectors. A single contract will be offered for the fifth area.

The CHASE program is expected to last four years, with an initial two-year phase of component development followed by one-year second and third phases for prototype integration, feedback, full functionality determinations and deployment.

Abstracts should be submitted through baa.darpa.mil by June 14, 2017, with full proposals due by Aug. 22, 2017.

Resources related to the pre-solicitation notice can be found on FBO.gov. Questions can be emailed to Dr. Jennifer Roberts, program manager, DARPA/I2O, at CHASE@darpa.mil.