What it takes to be a security software developer

Demand is on the rise for virtually all types of cyber security skills, including the ability to develop security software. The seemingly insatiable need for effective new security applications is keeping these professionals busy.

“I think some of the demand will be offset by AI [artificial intelligence] developments within security,” says Zach Burns, executive recruiter at Stratus Search, a technology recruiting firm focused on the placement of technical professionals in positions such as security software developers, security architects, security engineers, and others. “But for the immediate future things are looking good for anyone with a security skills set,” including software development, Burns says.

Cloud storage will continue to grow, and as more devices are connected to the Internet users will need protection for everything from smart watches to the smart home, Burns says. “Since Google and Amazon are focused on connecting our whole home via smart devices, it will be important to keep everything secure,” Burns says. “The fact is there are more Internet users and more things connected to the Internet every day,” and that will push the demand for security software.