Cybersecurity pros pushed into sales roles

An employee with a security background is a hot commodity these days. And one who is a jack of all trades is even hotter in a market where there is a shortage in cybersecurity-skilled employees.

It has gotten to the point that besides trying to secure the product, companies are asking their security pros to explain and sell the product to prospective clients.

“I guess you could say we’ve come full circle when the analysts who were in need of the product are now helping to sell the product,” said Chris Camacho, chief strategy officer at Flashpoint. He said while the shortage of cybersecurity staff continues, many enterprises are now looking for less volume and for more specialization.

He added on the flip side of all this are the companies working to develop security products. “They know that the threat is evolving, security departments are often under-staffed, and understanding their product is the key to a sale. So they’ve begun to hire the traditional threat intelligence analyst and to put them to work as a sales engineer or solutions architect,” Camacho said.

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