Worldwide DDoS Attacks & Cyber Insights Research Report

Taking Back the Upper Hand from Attackers


Global Businesses Fight to Turn the Tables on Attackers

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a huge problem threatening companies and organizations across the globe. Industry leader Neustar can help you. Here’s an exclusive look at research findings from Neustar’s latest global 2017 survey as well as data compiled by our Security Operations Center.


Attack sizes >50 Gbps Have Doubled

It should come as no surprise that DDoS attacks continue to grow in size. The proliferation of poorly secured IoT devices led to the realization of massive botnets whose sheer size and power can easily overwhelm standard DDoS defenses. In this IoT age, good DDoS defenses aren’t enough.


Learned of Attack from Customers

With every strike launched, attackers are probing and taking note of your defenses and deficiencies. And as every IT professional knows, it only takes one successful attack to cause brand damage. So when 40% of respondents said they learned of an attack on their network by their customers, the brand is bound to take a reputational hit.


Investing More in DDoS Defense

Despite the fact that 99% of organizations have DDoS-specific defenses in place, nine in ten are investing more than they did just 12 months ago. Even then, more than 1/3 believe that the increases are still insufficient. Companies around the world are seeking to take back the advantage gained by attackers last year.

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