Internet Security Threat Report

Cyber attackers revealed new levels of ambition
in 2016, a year marked by extraordinary
attacks, including multi-million dollar virtual
bank heists, overt attempts to disrupt the US
electoral process by state-sponsored groups,
and some of the biggest distributed denial of
service (DDoS) attacks on record powered by
a botnet of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
While cyber attacks managed to cause
unprecedented levels of disruption, attackers
frequently used very simple tools and tactics
to make a big impact. Zero-day vulnerabilities
and sophisticated malware now tend to be used
sparingly and attackers are increasingly attempting
to hide in plain sight. They rely on straightforward
approaches, such as spear-phishing emails and
“living off the land” by using whatever tools are on
hand, such as legitimate network administration
software and operating system features.
Mirai, the botnet behind a wave of major DDoS
attacks, was primarily composed of infected
routers and security cameras, low-powered
and poorly secured devices. In the wrong
hands, even relatively benign devices and
software can be used to devastating effect.

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Source: Symantec