2017 Security Predictions

Conventional thinking divides the digital and physical worlds into two distinct and separate realms. But is that
still true?
In preparing this report, the persistent and compelling theme that kept surfacing as we identified our security
predictions for 2017 was that of convergence. The integration of the digital and physical realms has reached a tipping
point. We see the world transforming itself, blending both the digital and physical into a new and emerging world.
From a cybersecurity perspective, convergence acknowledges the digital transformation process that is already well
underway, how it affects us and how we, in turn, affect it.
Informed by our industry-leading experience in the security space and drawing upon the deep resources of both the
Forcepoint™ Security Labs and Raytheon, we believe that security professionals are best served by viewing the digital
and physical worlds as two halves of an integrating whole: although they both may remain different, they are no
longer separate.
Our outlook in this report is intended to be as objective as possible, with a perspective defined not only by what we
include, but also by what we do not. The essential message is that the world emerging before our eyes will challenge
cybersecurity professionals in ways it never has before.

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Source: ForcePoint Security Lab