By Daniel Reis

Publisher Archway Publishing

Publication: 2016

ISBN: 9781480830325

Pages: 224

Price: € 11,00


Organizations and security companies face tremendous obstacles to keep information safe yet available, regrettably the complexity of security impairs this goal.
Almost every day, we read headlines about breaches that devastate organizations, causing damage and continually reinforcing how arduous it is to create and maintain a solid defense.
Dan Reis, a cyber security professional with over 15 years in security discusses an array of issues, and explores topics organizations and security professional wrestle with to deploy and maintain a robust secure environment. Some views that hinder security’s efficacy: That users can protect themselves and their organization That IT security can see and make sense of everything happening in their network security complexity will decrease over time using current tools and methodologies. It’s no longer viable to continually add new product or features and expecting improvement in defenders abilities against capable attackers. Instead of adding yet another layer, solutions need to better utilize and make sense of all the data and information already available, but too often is latent intelligence that is lost in all the noise.
The book identifies some key issues as to why today’s security has difficulties. As well, it discusses how an area such as better visibility into existing information can create threat intelligence, enabling security and IT staff in their heroic efforts to protect valued information.