2016 DDoS Attack Trends

Remember Huey Lewis and the News? The blues-rock band sounded retro even when they appeared on the scene with their hit, “Hip to Be Square” in 1983. But you know what? It’s nearly 40 years later, and the airwaves are still clogged with their saccharine ballads “The Power of Love” and “I Want a New Drug.” It’s the same with a whole cadre of DDoS attacks that were here, there, and everywhere and hip to be square in 2012: DNS amplification, NTP, and ICMP fragmentation attacks. But, just like Huey Lewis, all of those attacks are still around, clogging up pipes.
The old attacks have lost mindshare and cachet with the media, but they’re still out there, workin’ for a living. They’re just not getting headlines. If you have been watching InfoSec headlines lately, you might think to yourself, “Hmmm, is ransomware the new DDoS?” No, DDoS is still DDoS and it’s still happening. Just because the cyber-criminal underworld has added ransomware as its latest extortion tool doesn’t mean that they’ve let go of the still lucrative, still too easy, denial-of-service extortion campaigns.

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Source: F5 Networks, Inc